10 Essential ‘Must Have’s For Any Trip

Whether you are a man or a woman or anyone, these next 10 items is a must when it comes to traveling!

1. Sleeping Mask

If there is one thing you must absolutely take on any trip, this is it. My discovery of sleeping masks is by far one of my greatest. You may be laughing right about now, but just hear me out.  No matter what time of the day it is, you put on a sleeping mask and everything gets pitch black allowing you to get sleepy. This helps with airplane rides, jet lag, trains, ships, or any place that has too many lights while you’re trying to nap or sleep. I took it with me to Europe it made me such a better travel companion because I always felt super well rested. I even used it to take naps in the car when I wasn’t driving!

2. Ipod & Headphones

To go along with #1, the headphones can be used as ear plugs. I certainly use mine as one because my headphones are noise cancelling. And with that unusual use, you can, of course, use it to store your music. One more sleeping tip: if it helps, download calming music if you just need to nap somewhere busy. (Rain noises always works for me!) Skullcandy headphones are actually my favorite. They’re simple but they work so well.

3. Water Bottle

We all like to save money and time right? Right. Well, here is the perfect way to help you: bring your own water bottle. The amount of money you will save for every bottle of water you won’t be buying and the time you will save yourself from having to go find it, means more money and time spent somewhere else. If you happen to have forgotten your water bottle, worry not! Some places, like car rentals, give out water for free and then just make sure you hold on to it after you’re done. If you have to buy one, do so and hold on to it. The great thing is most hostels, airports, and even some attractions have water fountains you can fill your bottles for free. That way you will have water with you all day long. (PS- Empty water bottles are totally allowed through security!) 


4. Saline Nasal Drops/Spray

What is one of the worst kinds of pain someone can endure? The pressure of a stuffy nose on a plane! It feels like needles in your eyes. Well, I present you the greatest gift I can give you, Saline Nasal Drops/Spray. It will clear up the pressure and allows you to breathe again! It is also great if you happen to have a cold during your trip. My medicine/first aid kit consists of just: Tylenol, emergency inhaler, saline nasal drops, band aids and a wrap (I’m injury prone so this is if I pull something and need to stabilize anything).  (I can guarantee some of my cousins are laughing at this one since they were the ones that introduced me to it.) The one I use is Brazilian, so when I find an American version I’ll post it.

5. Waterproof Bag

Chances are anywhere you are going in the world you’ll be dealing with water. Whether it’s a beach, water park or even that random water that falls from the sky, it’s nice to have something to protect your valuables. I’m also betting you will have a phone with you? Great! What if I told you that, that waterproof bag could allow your phone to take photos of you underwater? Yeah, thought you might like that.


6. Toothbrush

Another obvious one, but I write this one because you should always bring this. It’s counterpart, the toothpaste, can actually be found for free sometimes at hotels and hostels or it’s something you can borrow from someone else. But no one should be sharing toothbrushes.

7. Small Hand Lotion, Chapstick, & Hand Sanitizer

These 3 essentials will you get you through anything. You can never go wrong having a small lotion in your bag, especially if you’re going to cold weather. Chapstick is good for every season. And if you’re a girl, get tinted chapstick to double up as lipstick. Hand sanitizer is the life saver you never knew existed. When you’re traveling, bathrooms might not be the most accessible things. So having a hand sanitizer handy means your hands can be clean whenever you need them to be. Always remember to pack your LCS (Lotion, Chapstick, Sanitizer), you’ll thank me later.

8. Notepad

Have you ever been walking around and had a great idea but by the time you got home you’ve totally forgotten about it? A notepad can fix that problem. Having a notepad with you means that when you have an idea, need to write down any contact info, need to jot down information, or are getting directions you have a place to put this all in.

9. Scarf Blanket

A scarf blanket can come in handy in many situations. For cold weather you have a nice warm scarf. For naps on cars, planes, and trains you have a blanket. And if you’re already too warm, you also have a pillow (just make the scarf into a ball). It’s always handy to have one of these, because sometimes weather is unpredictable and having a versatile item like this one could be difference between being miserable from the cold and being able to enjoy your trip.


 10. Fold Up Bag

This discovery was made by following the golden rule: always listen to your mother. It’s no surprise moms know best. On my last trip, my mom had just bought this bag that folded up into a small square and she suggested I take it with me. At the time I thought why in the world would I ever need that? Boy, was she right. This bag can be used for many different purposes, let me share a few. You can use it for grocery shopping, souvenir shopping, as an overnight bag in case you want to leave your suitcase in the car, or basically for any other reason that you might need extra space to carry things. Trust me on this one.


These are the essential items I think everyone should always have with them when they’re traveling. My suggestions on how to use these items are just what I’ve come up with, if you have any other ideas on how to use them please leave a comment below. Also are there any items I missed that you think should be included in here? If so, let me know!


Enjoy your adventure!


PS- If you click on the pictures, they take you to the Amazon link where you can purchase these items.

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