Top 12 Reasons Everyone Should Travel


This is your official welcome to my blog! I hope with this blog, I can help you navigate the world of traveling. I will take you on adventures, while providing you with information for you to plan your very own amazing trips. The world is so big and beautiful and deserves to be seen. Traveling is by far one of the greatest experiences in this life. There are many reasons everyone should travel, but here are my top twelve reasons why YOU definitely should.


1. Meet New People

One of the greatest things about traveling, and one of my favorite reasons to stay at hostels is the people you meet along the way. From locals to travelers just like you, we are all experiencing the same city together. And if you do happen to stay at hostels, everyone else there is eager to meet others too! So start talking and get to know people you might have never otherwise met.


2. Learn About New Cultures

Now this one is truly one of the major reasons everyone should travel. When you live in the same place or the same country for a long time, you forget to look outside and realize just how diverse the world truly is. Traveling allows you to immerse yourself in different cultures and learn first hand instead of through a screen or book.


3. Learn About Yourself

You’ve probably seen countless quotes about traveling that talk about learning about who you truly are. I always thought they were nice but never really true, that was until I traveled around Europe in my 20s with only my friend. There are so many things you learn about yourself on these kinds of trips. You learn how you deal with difficult situations, foreign countries, and different people. But even deeper, you learn about yourself in ways you never would if you went on day to day not changing your environment. Even my feelings changed. It’s hard to explain, it’s one of those you have to do it yourself to see what I’m talking about. But I guarantee once you do it once and realize this, you won’t want to stop because you’ll want to see just what else you can do!


4. Food

I am a foodie, through and through. I LOVE food! So getting to experience authentic cuisine around the world is one of my favorite things. My recommendation is when traveling walk into a restaurant and ask them what is local to them. You might get some weird looks, but trust me they will be glad to show off the food they are proud to represent. And it let’s you truly experience what locals consider to be their food. This one is also true when you’re even traveling within the country you live in.


5. Memories

When you get older and have kids and grandkids, one of the things people dream of having are stories to tell them. We’ve all heard them from our family, so why not create your own stories to be able to tell? More than that, when you create these memories that’s the only thing you can truly take with you for the rest of your life. So go out and create some unforgettable memories!


6. How To Deal with Things Going Wrong

On number 3 I talked about learning about yourself and dealing with difficult situations, well let’s go a little deeper. It’s no surprise that trips don’t go exactly how you planned, and that’s okay! Sometimes those are actually the best stories you get! When you are faced with things going wrong in a foreign country, that’s when you truly learn how to deal with things.


7. You Will Experience Things, Place, People You Might Never Have Otherwise

This one goes along with experiencing new culture, but needs to be noted by itself. By stepping out of your comfort zone you will get to experience new things you might never have otherwise. I can tell you I never thought I’d be in the green fields of Ireland walking around in London, or walking the Carrick-a-Ridge Bridge with high winds or that I would actually kiss the Blarney Stone! But I did! And every single experience was incredible and truly eye opening. I never felt more grateful than knowing I was able to do these things in my lifetime.


8. You Gain New Perspective

By meeting new people and seeing new things you start to learn not only about yourself and about the world but you start seeing things differently. And when you start gaining new perspective that affects how you live your life. It makes you a better more open minded person, and that leads you to be a better citizens of the world.


9. This World Was Meant to Be Explored

Just like you go into every room of your house, every country in the world should also be visited. It’s so big, diverse and beautiful and just waiting for you to go explore and learn in it.


10. It’s a History Lesson

Every city, country, continent has it’s own history, and it’s impossible to visit those places and not learn at least one thing about it’s history. As much as the world is a museum to be explored, it’s also an open history book ready to be read.


11. Because Science Says It’s Healthy For You

The other day I read an article that said you should spend your money on trips instead of material things because the gratification you get from that is better, lasts longer and is healthier for you than any instant gratification you get from something you bought. So, if science says so you should definitely do it!


12. It’s FUN!

Need I say more? It’s fun to travel! It’s fun to meet new people and go on adventures! It’s fun to try new foods! Traveling is just plain simple fun. And when you look back on a trip, what you do end up remembering is the laughs and great times you had.


If I haven’t convinced you yet to travel, don’t worry I will! I hope reading my articles will inspire you to take the plunge and let the travel bug bite you too. In the meantime, enjoy my posts! If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions please feel free to reach out to me either by comments below or e-mail.
Enjoy your adventure!

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