8 Alternative Spring Breaks

Spring break is usually associated with wild parties, tons of drinking and a lot of craziness. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way or in the typical locations it usually occurs at, Florida and tropical islands. I’ve compiled a list of alternative spring breaks for those looking for something a bit different to do.

1. Cruise

If fun in the sun is your thing, yet you don’t want to be standing next to thousands of other people on a beach take a cruise. It can be fun and still involve everything you wanted to do on the beach on a bit tamer scale. You’d be surprised at how affordable cruises can be, especially if you get a group of your friends to join in. Or if you just need some time off from everyone, be brave and take a cruise by yourself. You never know who you could meet!

2. Log Cabin/ Ski or Snowboard Getaway

If you prefer colder environments, why not take a ski trip? Rent a log cabin with your friends or your partner and spend the week in hot tubs, shredding the slopes and drinking hot chocolate until your heart is content. You don’t even have to go skiing, but a retreat in a log cabin with your closest friends could turn out to be one of those college stories you will be talking about for years.

3. Service Trip

Now there’s already a lot of controversy on service trips, but I think doing some good in the world is always important and good. Plenty of schools and organizations that plan trips you can join in on.  There is a variety of options from working with orphanages to building homes, so you are bound to find something that interests you.

4. Trip to an European Country

You might never think one week is enough to do anything, but actually it’s plenty of time to visit any country in the world. I recommend an European country because the flight time is shorter. Also, everything in Europe is closer together, so you’d be able to see quite a lot in one week. So either pick a country and visit a few cities, or pick a few major towns with 2-3 days in each place, you can really make a lot out of one week.

5. Visit a Friend’s Hometown

One of the greatest things about college is that a lot of people come together from all over the US. So, why not travel to your friends hometown and let them show you around. Whether they live in a big city or small city, I can guarantee it will be very different  with a local’s perspective than being a tourist in a new city.

6. Short Road Trip

A great alternative is always a road trip anywhere you want. With a week at your disposal you can take a road trip to surrounding areas. But if you’re really determined and had good planning, you could get pretty far. I recommend a shorter one so you can truly relax and enjoy your surroundings.

7. Stay at School and Visit Nearby Sites

Whether you’re staying at school by option or not, whatever city you are in you can explore it and nearby attractions. It’s a great way to see campus when it’s quiet and the city much less filled. It’s a great experience if you need some time to yourself or to relax.

8. Camping

For the outdoors lover, you can never go wrong with a week of camping, technology detoxing and a lot of quality nature time. Depending on where you are, it might be a cold camping experience, but a fun one none the less. Just be smart, pack everything you need and make sure to stay warm.


Hopefully this will help you pick what to do for your spring break this year! Whatever you are doing, wherever you are going just remember to be smart, be safe and have some fun!

Enjoy your adventure!

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