6 Valentine’s Day Dates in New England

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you have yet to plan something to do with your significant other or your friends, let me help! New England around winter time can be equally as beautiful as it is bountiful of activities. Here are some ideas of places to go for this Valentine’s Weekend.

1. Fancy Resort

If sitting in a hot tub with mountain views sounds like the perfect day for you, I think I have exactly what you need. New England has many ski areas with several grand resorts, most of which also have spas.  Whether you’re out skiing all day or bumming out in a soft bathrobe and eating room service to your heart’s content, a weekend in these hotels should be the perfect romantic getaway. Here are a few recommendations of resorts in the New England: Mountain View Grand Resort (New Hampshire), Harbor View Hotel (Massachusetts), and Q Burke Mountain Resort (Vermont), Hidden Pond (Maine). You can never go wrong with a getaway relaxing in a resort with beautiful views.

2. Local Breweries & Distilleries

For beer lovers or spirit lovers, here’s a neat and unique option. You can spend the day learning how some local beers and spirits are made and then have a tasting at the end. New England is full of local breweries, but here are a few you can visit: Mooselick Brewery (New Hampshire), Allagash (Maine), Harpoon (Vermont), and Samuel Adams (Massachusetts). Click here for a few more options. And if you just want to go to a different bar, one with a lot of character and variety check out this list by Boston Magazine on what they consider to be the Top Breweries in New England. So why not make a day of tasteful drinking? And instead of driving around, you can Uber or even rent a limo for the day?

3. Vineyards

Going along with breweries and distilleries, vineyards are also a great romantic date. You might even want to look up any special events wineries are hosting. Or just grab your partner or friends and head down to winery and have your own little party. Dogs + wine = White Mountain Winery (New Hampshire). Enjoy!

4. Inns

If fancy resorts aren’t your thing and you prefer a small quaint room or cabin, then a small inns might be a better option. Still on ski grounds so that you can enjoy all the outdoor activities, an inn has the perfect home away from home feel. For a romantic sleigh ride in the snow, Franconia Inn (New Hampshire) has got you covered. A few more options to look into are  Red Lion Inn (Massachusetts), WilloughVale Inn (Vermont), Rendezvous Bed & Breakfast (Vermont) and Rabbit Hill Inn (Vermont).  Each inn offers a different perk or attraction so make sure to look into them before picking one, I guarantee you’ll have a hard time choosing one.

5. Food Tours

For the couples who love to eat, but most of all love to eat together without putting any work behind it, this option is for you! Food tours are available in several cities around the New England area. A few are: Savoring Rhode Island, Taste of New Haven and Boston Food Tours. For more options check out this website: Discover New England.

6. Chocolates

Yes, chocolates. They are every girl’s best friend and a tasty treat for all. So why not take your partner to a special evening in a chocolate maker? Fascia Chocolates in Connecticut offers a Valentine’s Day Dessert Night. So if you know of any chocolate stores in your area, check in and see if they’re offering any special events for Valentine’s Day.


Whatever you choose for this Valentine’s Day just remember the important thing is to try new things together, because that will always bring people even closer. Anything big or small can be turned into an adventure, it’s all up to you.

Enjoy your adventure!


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